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A police state is one that puts fear into the heart of its citizens to control them politically and physically. Where an activist become successful, a police state will sometimes abuse their statutory powers, going as far as to frame a potential political opponent with high ideals. This is the worst kind of abuse, because it is not butchery at a base level by people who don't know any better, it is clever people working to undermine the principles of equality, knowing that they are violating a persons rights - to hide their own human rights abuses.



Throughout history men and women have been unkind to other humans. Slavery proper was rife, and financial slavery still is high on the agendas of many so-called enlightened countries, including the United Kingdom.


World War One accelerated the ability of humans to kill humans with machines like submarines, battleships, tanks, aircraft and factories to supply the killing machines. World War Two saw that ability multiply a million-fold with nuclear weapons and rockets. The science of killing had come of age, coupled with factory like treatment of humans in concentration camps, taking race discrimination and butchery to a new level.


After WWII, the Allies decided to create rules to prevent humans being inhuman. It was the dawn of a new age of equality, where men and women were supposed to be treated equally in law.


The colour of a person's skin, their religious and political beliefs were to be protected, along with freedom of thought and speech and. Torture was to be outlawed as was interference in enjoyment of property. Where these rights were violated, there is to be an effective remedy. This is not the case in the United Kingdom. Civil servants, more aligned with Nazi thinking, decided to leave out Articles 1 and 13 when drafting the Human Rights Act 1998. They also took away the Right of Appeal in criminal cases, all to save money and try to regain dictator like control, meaning diluting the international rights created by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as protected by the United Nations.


Since WW2, Councils, the Police, Prisons and the Law Courts, have all been working to undo the rights of citizens in the UK. This is because those in positions of trust, realised that their ability to exploit the ordinary citizen had become diluted, where many of those who would normally be subdued, now had the tools to fight back against their profiteering and human rights abuses.


The European Court of Human Rights has become as institution that lacks transparency, in so doing, preventing citizens from understanding how they may have applied to the Court incorrectly. The object being to dilute those European human rights. You will only find this out when making an application that is rejected without giving any reasons. That is of course a dictatorship. Transparency is essential in any legal proceedings, or we go back to the Nazi like rule book that led to the gas chamber atrocities. There is no difference, it is just a question of scale - and scale soon escalates.






In the UK councils control land for those in the fold. Those outside the fold seeking planning permission to build a home for themselves, could receive a rough ride with officers presenting selected information designed to control the voting of Councillors, while failing to provide other information, so steering decision making. Other means of control are failing to consult statutory bodies, or suggesting that permitted development requires planning consent - when it does not.


The police work closely with councils (at least in Sussex) to prevent any kind of investigation into such abuse of positions of trust.


Members of the public that expose such illegal activity become targets for the council and the police. Sometimes they are portrayed as suffering from a mental condition, or otherwise painted in such a way as to make the public think they are not just ordinary men and women seeking to assert their rights.


When such activists start winning appeals regularly, so proving legal skill linked with factual revelations, they might be framed for crimes they did not commit. This is only possible with the help of a corrupt local police force. We have one such example that is well documented.


This is where the Human Rights Act 1998 is abused routinely, by way of Article 6 and 14 violations, linked to Article 8 interference.





The police are the ground troops, or Gestapo in modern countries that are working to dilute the ordinary citizen's rights. Torture can take many forms, such as perpetual punishment. Perpetual punishment is no less than another form of eugenics programme.









Many citizens of the UK will know from experience that councils are run by corrupt, kleptocratic quangos with hidden agendas and undeclared interests. This includes Council's like Wealden and supposed law enforcement agencies like Sussex police, working with other agencies and the Courts, sometimes including secret societies like the Masons. Secret societies are banned in some countries. Not in the UK, where they flourish in the Crown Prosecution Service and ranks of Judges.


Most people will never know how much of a police state the UK has become. Only those that challenge the system, become targets to be got rid of with in ways that nobody on the outside could guess at, including false arrest, unlawful detention and mental torture.


Crime in the district is a problem more for the organised nature of the police that allow councils to operate in a closed shop fashion bereft of transparency. The police themselves work the same way despite the new Crime Commissioners that are supposed to tackle white collar corruption. Corruption is unsustainable in United Nations terms and a practice that should be addressed according to SDG16.





The Injustice Alliance is a group dedicated to unearthing perverse decision making, and making corrupt officials accountable for their actions. This includes law enforcement officials who are either on the payroll or for other reasons fail to investigate crime, such as doing a favour for a mate - typically a Mason, or a person with Masonic connections.





Here we are talking about financial slavery and the modern poverty trap created by the renting society UK politicians have engineered in the United Kingdom. It is not only in the UK that such policies prevail, it is the case in many so-called civilised societies, where land ownership and positions of trust exist that can be exploited.





FREEDOM OF THOUGHT AND SPEECH - This website is protected by Articles 9 and 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. The Injustice Alliance avers that the right to impart information is a right, no matter that the method of communication is unpalatable to the State.




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